2014 AMAs Live Blog 1

By Jesse Wojdylo

10:58 – The night ends with Jennifer Lopez shaking her “Big Booty” on stage.

10:55 – Not gonna lie, J.Lo looks unreal for her age; she is 45. Iggy Azalea is 24.

10:54 – We are going to see the grand finale with Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Lopez with “Booty”. This should be interesting.

10:51 – Here we go. Artist of the Year. Iggy Azalea, Beyonce, Luke Bryan, One Direction and Katy Perry are nominated. The AMA goes to One Direction.

10:47 – Another Fergie “LA Love” commercial. Don’t forget to contact the Law Offices of David Azizi if you get into a car accident in Los Angeles.

10:46 – Nicki comes out in a gold dress that shows, well, pretty much everything. Lots of gold on the stage right now. Honestly, Ariana’s “dress” is much more revealing than the Nicki getup.

10:43 – Here comes Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj with “Bang Bang”. Wow, Jessie J’s outfit is…well, interesting. ┬áNow she is dancing with Taylor. I cannot even imagine what Nicki is going to come out in. Ariana is in a gold dress, if that is what you want to call it.

10:40 – The sharks from Shark Tank are on stage to announce the AMA for the Top Country Album. It goes to Brantley Gilbert. This guy does not look like a country singer to me. A sleeve tat and earrings? That is not country where I come from.

10:36 – Kohls is spending a shit ton of money. They are getting a ton of airtime though. Can anyone say Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

10:34 – Ready for this Mary J. Blige song to be over. Isn’t Sam Smith supposed to be here somewhere? Let Ella come out and sing Ghost. Geez.

10:31 – Ella Henderson! Her accent is gorgeous.

10:28 – Garth sounds really good. He is rocking the Greensboro Coliseum. Make sure to check it out during the ACC Basketball Tournament. Is this really a new song? It sounds like something I have heard before. “People loving people?” Also, why am I not in Greensboro to see Garth? He should have invited me.

10:27 – Luke Bryan is introduce Garth Brooks. Greensboro, North Carolina represent!

10:24 – It was just announced that Katy Perry will be doing the halftime show at the Super Bowl this year. Wardrobe malfunction anyone? I’m excited!

10:22 – the AMAs are on Snapchat!

10:20 – Rappers wear plaid and Fergie is shaking her ass. Carry on.

10:19 – It is now perfectly acceptable to wear just underwear on live TV. My how the world has changed in the last 20 years. Fergie is also wearing gold shin pads of some sort. Now here comes a guy on a bike with three wheels!

10:18 – Fergie hits the stage to sing L.A. Love. If you get into a car accident in Los Angeles make sure to contact the Law Offices of David Azizi. I’m serious! Ok, back to Fergie. She is wearing quite the interesting outfit AND she has a gold microphone.

10:15 – So, if Taylor is 5’10” how tall is the blonde standing next to her? 6’1″? Taylor gives a great acceptance speech. The young woman is nothing but class.

10:14 – And the Dick Clark Award of Excellence goes to Taylor Swift. That girl could sell more tickets than Jesus. No one can argue that Taylor isn’t the best marketer in music. She is truly an artist, innovator and icon. She is the first recipient of the award.

10:11 – Diana Ross is on stage. She will be helping Pharrell on The Voice this week. She is getting all kinds of TV time before Thanksgiving. Diana just mentioned Dick Clark and American Bandstand and how he made the AMAs possible.

10:07 – commercial break before Taylor gets some type of award. She is sitting next to Lorde for anyone that didn’t know. Also, Eminem is now doing songs for Dodge commercials.

10:05 – If you didn’t know O’Dell Beckham had the greatest catch in NFL history. Back to the AMAs. Is this Nicki Minaj song over yet?

10:04 – Nicki Minaj is now on stage. She has a pink microphone. Up next is something to do with Taylor Swift. Hopefully it is not her attempt at dancing to a Lil Wayne song. We will see.

10:02 – Lil Wayne is on stage and there is fire. Not a fan. I will leave it at that. I think there were some Kardashians or Jenners dancing. Who really knows at this point. I am not drunk, I promise.

10:01 – ok, I will admit it, I kinda like this song. Not sure about the jungle behind them, but the song isn’t too bad. I am sure they will sell about 1.6 trillion iTunes songs tonight. Take the over.

10:00 – sorry for the delay folks, I was doing yoga and working out before I realized the AMAs were on. We are now updating. Sounds like lots of young girls screaming. I guess this is One Direction.

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