TV Shows About Dentists and Orthodontists

Although television shows about dentists and orthodontists currently do not exist, we believe that they would be quite entertaining. After all, dentists and orthodontists live very busy lives and are dedicated to ensuring their clients brush and floss properly and enjoy beautiful, healthy smiles for years to come. If a television show about a dentist or orthodontist does make a debut, it may centered around one of the following plots:

The Work-Life Balance of a Dentist or Orthodontist with Children

Many dentists and orthodontists are mothers and fathers who struggle with a work-life balance. A show about a dentist or orthodontist who tries to be there for their patients and children at the same time would be great for working parents who could relate. The show can show working parents how they can find humor in their hectic lifestyles and find joy in every day.

The Traveling Dentist or Orthodontist

A show about a dentist or orthodontist who travels often and spreads their wisdom on teeth, gums, and the mouth would be exciting for travel lovers. One day, they may be on the beach at an all-inclusive resort in Cancun teaching teenagers in a hot tub about proper flossing techniques while the next day they are on a cruise ship helping a child who has suffered from a broken tooth.

The Former Dentist or Orthodontist

Sometimes, dentists and orthodontists choose to swap their career for another one. Whether it’s because they got tired of working long hours, started a family, or discovered a new passion, it would be interesting to see how they transition into their new career or lifestyle. Would they miss getting paid to perfect teeth and regret their decision or would they fall in love with their new life?

The Dental or Orthodontic Student

Both dentists and orthodontists go through years of schooling before they are able to provide patients with quality dental or orthodontic care. A show about what it takes to complete the schooling and residency to become a dentist or orthodontist would be great for young adults who are unsure of whether they’d like to pursue a career in the medical field. This could easily be done in Raleigh or Chapel Hill. With the UNC School of Dentistry in our back yard, it wouldn’t be hard to follow a student from getting into school all the way to becoming a prominent Raleigh Dentist.

There are plenty of shows about surgeons, advertising executives, teachers, engineers and people in other professions so why not create a television show about a dentist or orthodontist? It would give everyday people a glimpse at exactly what it’s like to care for teeth for a living. It would be very interesting to have a show about an emergency dentist that has to be on edge all the time. Patients would come in from accidents or other events in which it is very dramatic. We think this would do very well on TV.

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