2018 Emmy’s Live Blog

As with most of my live blogs or updates, I will update with the timestamp of Eastern Standard Tim (EST):

10:57 – So many great shows for Outstanding Drama Series. I loved Stranger Things and Westworld but have a feeling neither will win. And Game of Thrones gets it. Well deserved. HBO had a winner with that one since the first season. If you haven’t read the books, go start that tonight.

10:47 – Outstanding Comedy Series goes to Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Amazon Prime has a huge winner with this one. Just wait, thousands will be trying to watch it tonight and this week.

10:38 – Last Week Tonight with Jon Oliver wins the Emmy for talk show. His is very good. That’s for sure.

10:32 – SNL wins and Lorne Michaels accepts the Emmy. This was a huge year for Saturday Night Live. There is plenty of content with the current President.

10:29 – So RuPaul’s Drag Race just won an Emmy that was presented by Rick and Morty. My how the times have changed.

10:18 – More Jeep and vehicle TV commercials. It is that time of year. Jeep Adventure Days.

10:17 – A word from our sponsor – Charlotte, NC pest control experts Cleggs.

10:14 – Colin Jost mentioned Hurricane Florence relief in North Carolina and South Carolina.

10:11 – Lead Actress in a Drama Series goes to Claire Foy of The Crown. Although the show was very well done, it wasn’t one that I binged. In fact, I don’t think I even finished the entire first season.

9:58 – Drama Series Writing Award will be a good one. Here we go. Not even sure how Game of Thrones did not win there.

9:51- Supporting Actress in a Drama is loaded as well. Thandie Newton wins it. She is absolutely amazing in Westworld. Go watch it now.

9:48 – Wow, this category is loaded. Game of Thrones, Stranger Things. Supporting Actor in a Drama Series goes to Peter Dinklage. He is always amazing as Tyrion. Game of Thrones could win everything and I wouldn’t be mad. George R.R. Martin needs to start writing dammit.

9:46 – Lots of TV commercials for new SUVs and trucks. Just wait until the 2019 Chevy Silverado marketing starts.

9:36 – A TV commercial for Manic on Netflix that comes out this Friday. Netflix is throwing some money at advertising and marketing these days.

9:29 – Not sure who it is but he is proposing on the state at the Emmy’s. This something. Did she even say yes?

9:27 – John Mulaney gets one. I assume this is for his Netflix special. It is amazing how many comedians are now exclusive to Netflix.

9:12 – Regina King gets one here. Another one for Netflix. Not even sure what she was in.

9:04 – 96 year old Betty White comes out. What a legend.

8:56 – USS Callister won. It should have. It was a great episode of Black Mirror and they should make it into an entire series.

8:52 – Supporting Actor for a Limited Series or Movie goes to Jeff Daniels of Godless. Another one for Netflix. It really was a great show.

8:43 – The first one for Netflix here with Merritt Waver and Godless.

8:38 – Lead Actor in a Comedy Series goes to Bill Hader of Barry. That is another one for HBO. Hire people that make you look good. Great advice.

8:35 – Lead Actress in a Comedy Series goes to Rachel Brosnahan of Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Another for Amazon Prime. She is pushing everyone to register and vote.

8:31 – Time for a word from out sponsor – Waynesville, NC health insurance agency The Mair Agency.

8:20 – Supporting actress in a comedy series goes to Alex Borstein from Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. The first one from Amazon Prime. She wins a second award in a row and the second for Amazon Prime.

8:12 – Starting with supporting actor in a comedy series. Henry Winkler wins for Barry on HBO. I only have 37 seconds and I wrote this 43 years ago.

8:08 – Blackish is nominated. This is Us is nominated. That Handmaid’s Tale is nominated. It’s Roots for white women. Roseanne was canceled by herself and picked up by white nationalists. Netflix will spend $8 billion on original programming. Wow. Netflix is like that Instagram model that is always in Dubai.

8:06 – Colin Jost is on stage. The man that has won Scarlett Johannson’s heart. “White Award Shows”. First Emmy’s were held in 1949. We all agreed that Nazi’s were bad. Netflix with the most nominations.

8:02 – So, lots of people dancing on stage. Kristen something is on stage. Now, Sterling K. Brown is singing. Now RuPaul is on stage. So much dancing. John Legend is on stage looking dapper.

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