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The Emmy’s and the VMA’s were…well. They were two weeks ago. I’m kind of late, but in my defense, I was recovering. I was recovering from the fact that who I wanted to win did not win. (Okay, I’m just talking about the Emmys. Honestly, I don’t even know who won the VMA’s. If I had to guess I’d say Beyonce probably won them all.) And my disappointment in the winners did not come from the fact I think who won did not deserve to win. Modern Family destroyed the comedy segment, and naturally Breaking Bad swept for dramas. Like they did last year. Like they deserved to…but…I wanna switch things up. The awards show system is inherently flawed. They simply did not have the right categories. Not that we don’t deserve to honor the best supporting/actor/actress/makeup person/boom operator for each season, but I’d like to honor the little people whose successes were overlooked because they weren’t quite major-awards caliber. Which is why I’ve decided to give my own awards. seth_meyers_emmys_host_new

I will still have Seth as my host.

Now, what are the value of these awards? Low. Very low. But they come with a high badge of honor because I did stay up late thinking about them several nights this week as I scrolled through Tumblr. In my perfect world, this ceremony would be hosted by Mindy Kaling. But this is the regular world, so just keep reading my words.

Show You Heard Was Good and Now I’m Assuring You It Was Good:

brooklyn-99-cast-main-1Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I was skeptical at first. My beloved Andy Samberg, abandoning his tenure as resident rap-battling silly-man on SNL, doing television. I thought it would in badly. In fact, I hoped it would end badly so he would come back and do SNL shorts forever. But his show is darn good. So how can you have a cop comedy be funny for a long time? Sooner or later, you have to deal with serious crimes. It can’t all be petty theft and graffiti. I thought this would be distracting to me, but it’s not. The characters are perfect together – the immature cop, the stone-faced boss, the whimsical partner, the anxiety-ridden love interest, the Aubrey Plaza-esque character…..it’s good. It works. I love it. Not to mention the cast is not predominately white male. Whoa! Great job, Andy. You deserve that Golden Globe. Oh, and Chelsea Peretti is in it and I love her.

Best Show to Watch on Netflix  law-order-svu-castLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit

Okay, stop. Stop making fun of me. I freaking love this show and I watched all of the available seasons on Netflix this year.  Am I obsessed with crime shows? Definitely. Any further questions? The defense rests. This show is great because it’s formulaic — you know how it’s going to happen – but it’s unpredictable and you don’t know what exactly will happen. You can get sucked into an episode or leave it on in the background while  you do your homework. And there is no one, I mean NO ONE, badder than Detective Olivia Benson. And Ice-T is a police officer.

Show That Is Most Consistently Robbed 

Parks-and-RecreationParks and Recreation

Y’all, I don’t know why this show doesn’t win all of the awards. It started out slow, relying on the fact it was similar in style to The Office. But the cast that was a ragtag bunch of misfits is now an ensemble. Amy Poehler deserves all awards possible, including ones that have already been awarded in the past for categories she wasn’t even nominated for before she even was an actress. She’s that good.

And how could a show with Chris Pratt in it not have everyone’s attention?! Hollywood has essentially given him the key to the universe. Or the orb, or whatever the thing is everyone wants in whatever Marvel movie. Aubrey Plaza is perfect. Aziz Ansari is hilarious. Nick Offerman is an icon. Adam Scott never fails. Rob Lowe is and always will be a stone-cold fox. It’s funny and it has so much heart. And the final season is coming up. If I could recommend you any show, I would say watch this one.  (And then watch 30 Rock. You’ve probably already seen The Office.]

Best Show Not to Take Seriously

450941Pretty Little Liars

If you follow me on Twitter, you already know I never miss an episode of this show. Is it stupid? Yes. Does the plot make sense? No. Are the characters likable? Not really. But you should watch the show. It’s pure melodrama. And it will heighten your critical skills to point out all the plot holes. Make it a game! Every time two people in the same scene are dressed like it is two different seasons, eat a handful of m&ms. You will have diabetes by the time the show is over. I’m not going to spend much time talking about the show because you shouldn’t spend much time thinking about it, but it’s fun in the moment.

Show I’m Most Emotionally Invested in

mindy-and-dannyThe Mindy Project

I. Love. This. Show. Listen. I know that it was made entirely for my demographic (20-year-old college girls with too many emotions and an interest in dark-haired men with Northern Accents and a grumpy disposition) but it’s so, so enterprising. The world needs more romantic comedy TV shows. Romantic comedy movies are great. And they do great. Girls love them and boys begrudgingly see them with girls then end up secretly loving them. But two hours pass and the connection is over. With TV, we follow their lives. We follow their relationships. We find out what happened after the big kiss. We see reactions from other characters that do more than make them just seem like a stepping stone for the main ones. The show makes fun of and explores romantic tropes. In the season finale alone, there were nods to Catfish, When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle. Don’t get me started on the whole season. I’m squealing internally. I implore you, ladies of my demographic and other similar or simply kind people, watch the show. It’s one season away from syndication. And that’s what I really, really need. Sidenote, it’s been through a lot. Season 1 was almost an entirely different show from season two. I couldn’t even find a picture with the full, current cast. But don’t you want something to pull for?

Best Show to Cheer You Up

The Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon is a human puppy dog. All he does is smile and laugh and play games and it’s the best hour and a half of late night television. I’m not saying he’s the funniest or the smartest host out there, but something about him just makes you feel good. You’re comfortable watching the show. You wish you were up there playing charades with Helen Mirren, too. The show does come on late but at any given moment there are 7 full episodes on YouTube and 5 trending clips on your Facebook newsfeed. If you need a pick-me-up, go for Jimmy.

Best Show You’re Not Watching

leadPlaying House

If you’ve never even heard of this, I’m not surprised. It’s a comedy on USA, which sounds like a typo. And it’s great. I wanted a bromance TV show, but about girls. And I got it. So often female friendship devolves into competition and cattiness. This show doesn’t. Sure there are problems, but friendship and decency prevail. What’s it about? One friend, Emma, returns from China, where she is a successful business woman and has been for years, to her tiny hometown for her best friend Maggie’s baby shower. And at that baby shower, they discover that Maggie’s husband is cheating on her. They kick him out and the two of them are left to prepare for the baby together. Now Emma has to adjust to moving back home, but it’s no problem because she loves Maggie so much. Plus it has That Guy from The Office and half of Key and Peele in it.

Show You Just Can’t Miss

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 7.21.16 PMScandal

If you’re not watching Scandal, you must not be on the Internet on Thursday nights. It’s blowing up. It’s all anyone talks about. I started watching Scandal on Netflix one weekend because I expected it to be hokey and bad. Blame it on the name and my tendency to judge a book by its cover. Okay, just look at that promo poster. It’s bad. It was not bad. It was not even slightly bad. Kerry Washington, the lead character, is a force of nature. The characters are incredible. The storylines go in places you could have never imagined. It creates a whole new world — one where secret organizations and presidential assassinations don’t seem so farfetched. It sucks you in, it spits you out, and you just keep coming back for more. Don’t be fooled by the name. Scandal is the real deal.

Most Disappointing Finale?????????????????????How I Met Your Mother

Don’t. Get. Me. Started. For my views on this, you can pretty much just read Schyler’s article about it. To sum it up, this was the absolute worst possible ending to the show in my opinion. All the characterization and development of two of the main characters was completely undone. Being a whiny baby is pretty much rewarded. And a character you wanted to meet for the entire series dies before we fully understand her. Watch the alternate ending instead, and dream of a happier world.

Pretty Much the Best Show Ever


Okay Emmys, you win this one. You were right. Breaking Bad is simply the best and I don’t care how many awards it wins. It’s not my favorite show of all time, and yeah I debated giving this award to The Mindy Project. Even though it’s a little too serious and too artful to be considered my favorite, I recognize its reign as The Best. My only hope is that some serious show will steal my heart like this one did in the future. I want to believe I’ll feel this way again.

My Next ShowMad_Men_season_5_cast_photo Mad Men

I’m watching Mad Men on Netflix right now and it’s…heavy. In a different way from Breaking Bad. I’m getting through it and I will report back later. Until then, what’s a lighter show I can watch to balance myself out? Tell me in the comments! And let me know in the comments what I forgot — what shows deserve props? Who got snubbed? What categories did I miss?


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