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By Jesse Wojdylo

Season 1, Episode 10 – LoveCraft – November 24th, 2014

8:59 – The mid season finale ends with Jim Gordon walking into Arkham Asylum. We will have to wait under January to find out what happens. Dammit. I will update this page with a show by show live blog when the series comes back in January. In the meantime, check out the last few episodes of The Voice.

8:57 – Cat shows up at the Wayne Manor and Bruce is glad to see her. She gives Bruce back his watch and the other items she was going to sell. She gives him a kiss on the lips right before Alfred walks in.

8:56 – Jim Gordon is taking a “leave of absence” and Harvey Bullock asks if he can buy him a drink sometime. Gordon responds with, “soon.”

8:53 – Lovecraft was killed by Jim Gordon’s gun. They are playing this out to be a suicide to make the story more believable. Harvey Dent is in on the suicide conversation which will be interesting to see how this plays out. Jim Gordon says, “Mayor James, kiss my ass!”

8:49 – Alfred is the one that finally “saves” Bruce. We will see this play out 103084 more times in this series.

8:48 – Jim Gordon shows up. How the hell did he know this was going on? Bruce is throwing bars of metal at someone. Jim yells for Harvey to duck and shoots another one of the bad guys. This scene. “Don’t ever mistake bravery for good sense.”

8:46 – The classic “where are they” scene sets up as one of the bad guys comes for Cat and Bruce. Harvey Bullock and Alfred arrive at the scene and a shootout immediately starts. Alfred screams for Bruce and, of course, he sprints into trouble.

8:38 – Cat and Bruce try to sell some “goods” and are taken prisoner. The two that were looking for them at the beginning walk in the front door. Cat and Bruce use some of their “superhero” powers in an attempt to escape the situation through the roof.

8:33 – We learn there was a run on Wayne Enterprises stock before the murders. Jim Gordon meets the two (of three) that tried to kidnap Cat at Wayne Manor at the beginning of the show. Gordon gets his ass kicked by the woman and passes out; she subsequently leaves with his gun. Gordon wakes up to find Lovecraft dead with a gunshot from his gun.

8:30 – Bruce Wayne goes alternative. He meets Poison Ivy and she is immediately harsh towards him. Anyone think Ivy and Bruce are going to have some feuds in the future? How about Cat vs Ivy?

8:27 – Harvey Bullock and Alfred arrive at Fish’s club to ask questions about Cat. Alfred goes total badass on Fish Mooney’s bodyguard. Fish arrives and is questioned by Bullock. The fact that Cat has Bruce Wayne with her intrigues Fish; Alfred uses words like honor and compassion to get Fish to make some calls.

8:26 – Cat tells Bruce he needs to be like “smoke” and smoke doesn’t make phone calls as they arrive at The Factory. We will learn more about this in future episodes or seasons.

8:21 – Cat shows, for the first time, her skills by leaping from building to building. Wayne tries the same thing and barely makes it over with the help of Selina. Cat starts the manipulation by telling Wayne it is “her world and her way.” Well, it didn’t take long for him to get whipped.

8:19 – And there is the predicted payphone for Wayne to call Alfred. No one saw that coming. What year is it in this show?! Selina (Cat) decides to leave Bruce as she knows she is the cause of the bad guys coming to Wayne Manor. Selina agrees that she is “not nice”. Bruce’s vocabulary is fantastic. Big words for a young kid. No wonder he becomes such a stud. I am going to have to start reading more Batman comics!

8:17 – Alfred keeps dropping $100 bills to get a younger kid to tell them about Cat. Bling. Bling!

8:16 – One of the things I do not like is the acting of Jim Gordon when he is “mad”. I think the actor just tries too hard. It shows in the scene with Harvey Dent here.

8:15 – Liza betrayed Falcone and she is being used by Penguin. He knows he can continue to manipulate the situation. Here is much more about Liza.

8:12 – Penguin is caught and brought to the Falcone Mansion which is not nearly as badass as Wayne Manor. Falcone questions Penguin telling him that he must tell him every move Maroney makes. I really do love the actor that plays Penguin; he does a fantastic job. Penguin is trying to throw Fish Mooney under the bus, but Falcone doesn’t believe him.

8:11 – Lots of Cricket $35/month cell phone plan commercials. I guess we will see this push through the Christmas holiday.

8:08 – I am still confused about the exact time frame for the show. They have cell phones but it seems the producers tried to make it look like a time before smartphones and the Internet. Let me guess, they find a payphone when they get back into Gotham?

8:06 – Jim Gordon finally tells his partner, Harvey Bullock, that Selina Kyle saw the Wayne killers. Gordon also explains that Harvey Dent (Two Face) is in on investigating the Wayne case.

8:03 – Alfred brings out some karate moves as Bruce and Selina jump off the second floor and run away from Wayne Manor. Alfred is a badass for his age. He somehow ends up with a gun and takes out one of the three people looking to kidnap Bruce and Cat.

8:00 – The show starts with a bloody scene just outside Wayne Manor as young Bruce tries to impress Selina by talking on handrails. Bruce tells Selina she’s “not nice” as she doesn’t care for other people.

7:59 – Tonight’s show is “LoveCraft” and focuses on Selina.

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