Will James Comey Testimony Affect Small Businesses?

Over the last several days, a number people have called me to express their interest in the James Comey testimony that will take place on Thursday, June 8th, 2017. The testimony will start at 10:00 pm est and will be aired on all the major channels included ABC, NBC and CBS. This is the first time in almost two decades the major channels are airing a live hearing over their regularly scheduled broadcasting. No Price is Right or soap operas on Thursday.

So, will a large number of Americans ask off work and stay home to watch this testimony? Even more importantly, will Americans not go out because they will be glued to their TV sets? Will some cancel appointments or not go to shopping malls because they will want to see what James Comey has to say about the Russian investigation?

These are all questions that must be answered. Unfortunately, small businesses have no idea how to react. There are some small businesses in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill that will be offering food and drink specials during this event. With millions of hard working Americans looking to tune in during their lunch break, it makes sense for restaurants to have this live on TVs.

Expect country clubs, sports bars and any restaurant with a TV to open early to broadcast this live hearing. It would make sense for small businesses to open their doors 30 minutes early just to get some more business. With almost all medical offices now having TVs in them, it should come as no surprise that dentists, orthodontists, oral surgeons and doctors offices have the TVs set to ABC, NBC or CBS.

If you are considering opening early, you may want to make an announcement on your website or via social media. It would be a wise choice to try to avoid any political bias and simply state that the James Comey testimony will be airing live at your office or business.

Do not be surprised to see many people contacting dental offices or health centers to reschedule an appointment. Even though they have waited months to get their teeth cleaned or a basic physical exam, this is truly must see TV. Some are calling it the Super Bowl of politics.

Do you think millions of Americans are going to adjust their schedules on Thursday so they can watch this testimony? Are you going to stay home from work or avoid any type of appointment you had to watch the Comey testimony?

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